Whats going on?

A campaign for equality for children of LGBTQ+ parents in Ireland

What’s Going On?

Children of LGTB+ families are treated differently to other children in Ireland and we want to change that. Children born to LGBT+ families can only have a legal relationship with the parent that is deemed their biological parent and there is no current pathway for them to have their relationship with their non-biological parent recognised. Here are just a few ways in which these children are discriminated against under current Irish law:

  • The child’s birth certificate: only the legal parent is registered on the child’s birth certificate, who is classified as a lone parent.
  • The child’s passport: the child’s one legal parent has to sign an affidavit stating they are a lone parent in order to qualify for a passport. The child can only legally travel with this parent.
  • The child’s citizenship rights: the child can only access citizenship rights for the country of their one legal parent.
  • The child’s health: only the child’s legal parent can take them to the doctor or hospital for medical treatment such as vaccinations, accident and emergency.
  • The child’s tax status: the child cannot qualify for inheritance tax benefits when inheriting from their non-legal parent, grandparents, aunts or uncles.
  • The child’s name: the child can only be given the surname of their legal parent and has to apply for special exemptions in order to qualify to take the surname of their non-biological parent.
  • The child’s financial security: only the child’s lone legal parent has any financial responsibility for them.
  • The child’s education and religious upbringing: only the child’s legal parent has the right to make decisions regarding their education and religious upbringing.

We are calling on the Government to end this discrimination by publishing the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill to include all children born to LGBT+ families; and by updating policy, supports, benefits and services that benefit children of heterosexual parents to also include children of LGBT+ parents

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Every child deserves to be treated equally