A campaign for equality for children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland

Many children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland are denied the right to have a legally recognised relationship with both of their parents. This campaign gives a voice to those children and families in their fight for equality. 

Unfinished Business

In 2015, Ireland voted for marriage equality. You may have seen headlines since then claiming that new laws will soon be in place to guarantee equal rights to LGBT+ parents. However this is not the whole truth. The Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 will be enacted on May 5th 2020. This will give equality to children of some LGBT+ parents (approximately 40%) but leaves all others behind.  While this is fantastic news for those who meet the criteria, it also means that everybody else is left behind. While some amnesties for children already conceived by May 5th 2020 will apply, going forward only female couples who have used an Irish clinic to conceive with an identifiable donor will be covered and be allowed to both be registered as parents to their children. Every other child is excluded as the politicians have decided that how they were conceived is not acceptable.

Your support is appreciated

How to help

There are many ways in which you can help us achieve full equality for all children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland. You can do something as small as sharing a post on social media to raise awareness, donate to our cause or volunteer and become part of the campaign! 

Equal rights for children of LGBT couples in Ireland

Our Families

Meet the real families who are being affected by this inequality day in and day out in Ireland.

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