A campaign for equality for children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland

Many children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland are denied the right to have a legally recognised relationship with both of their parents. This campaign gives a voice to those children and families in their fight for equality. 

Equality for Children was formed in October 2019 when a group of LGBT+ parents came together to fight for equality for their children. We are a not-for-profit organisation that is fully volunteer led.

In Ireland, the majority of children within LGBT+ families are prevented from having a legal relationship with both of their parents.

Unfinished Business

In 2015, Ireland voted for marriage equality. That was a huge step forward in the fight for equality. Most people assumed that marriage equality would extend to the whole LGBT+ family, but sadly this was not the case. New legislation was introduced in May of 2020 (the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015). This was an historic move, years in the making, which saw the very first children of LGBT+ families having both of their parents recognised in law.

Unfortunately, only those who meet the very narrow criteria for the CFRA will be able to avail of it… meaning that all other children of LGBT+ parents are left behind. While no formal studies have been conducted to determine the numbers affected by this issue, we can estimate that approximately 60% of all families are left behind. Children who are left in a legal limbo and in a grey area of the law… where no person should ever have to exist.

Your support is appreciated

How to help

There are many ways in which you can help us achieve full equality for all children of LGBT+ parents in Ireland. You can do something as small as sharing a post on social media to raise awareness, donate to our cause or volunteer and become part of the campaign! 

Equal rights for children of LGBT couples in Ireland