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Grant equal rights to all same sex parents in Ireland – not just a select few. All families need to be protected. Regardless of our sex. Regardless of where and how we conceived. Whether a family was created through Adoption, Surrogacy or Fertility Treatments, they deserve protection and recognition.

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A Chara,

I am writing to you in relation to the proposed Assisted Human Reproduction Bill.

As you know, the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 is due to be fully enacted in May 2020. This Act grants equal rights to female same-sex couples who fit specific criteria and will, therefore, protect less than half of the children from LGBT+ families. Even with retrospective provisions in place, however, a huge number of children will still have no legal relationship with one of their intended parents and will therefore have fewer protections than children with opposite sex parents who have used the same fertility methods.

Many of these children were born before any guidelines were in place. Even since the CFR Bill was  passed, there has been a complete lack of information available and families who have taken every step to ensure they meet the criteria now find that they are not covered by the Act. This means that their children are being discriminated against based solely on their parents’ sexual orientation.

LGBT Ireland, in consultation with many LGBT+ Families, has drafted a Proposals for Reform document, to outline how the AHR Bill can be redrafted from a legal perspective to protect all families. Please urge the Departments of Health, Justice and Social Protection to engage with Equality for Children representatives and to implement the proposed reforms in the upcoming iterations of the AHR Bill.

This is the only way to ensure that no children are left vulnerable and that all are treated equally.

Kind Regards,