A campaign for equality for children of LGBT+ parents in IrelanD


In Ireland, the majority of children within LGBT+ families are prevented from having a legal relationship with both of their parents. While the recent enactment of the CFRA (Children and Families Relationships Act) was a step in the right direction, only a small number of children have benefitted from this legislation. If you are an LGBT+ family who falls outside of the parameters of the CFRA, only the parent who is deemed to be the birth and/or biological parent can be listed on their child’s birth certificate. This results in many avoidable issues for children as they grow up; medical treatment, school enrollments, foreign travel, tax/inheritance rights are just some of the areas that are needlessly complicated when one parent is viewed as a legal stranger to their child.

The Equality for Children campaign advocates for these families and aims to mobilise public opinion to affect change. 

  • Children still excluded are: 
  • Children born to male parents 
  • Children born via surrogacy
  • Children conceived or born outside of Ireland
  • Children conceived using at-home insemination
  • Children conceived using known or anonymous donors

 ***(Note that some amnesties apply for children born or conceived prior to May 5th 2020.)